reason why D. Ruto will be the next president

Just like it has happened before, 2021-2022 will be a period of political and politician will be merging to form a strong team to deliver victory on 2022 general election. DP Ruto with other will come together, but he has one opportunity, the Constitution of Kenya, the constitution prevents him from holding Deputy president position for more than 1o years (two terms). Hence every body wanting to partner with him must and will take the position of deputy president and leave the presidency to Ruto. With the support of the incumbent -president Uhuru, it will be an easy task for Dp. Ruto to win the presidency.


can uhuru become DP in 2022?


Get to work and stop politicking all your life. Official campaign period is long in the past and elections are done and dusted for 4 good years or there abouts. 2022 is many years away. Let us get on to more important things. Unless of course you are a politician or you hope to be one.


:D:D:D Bladi silly

I have a feeling that Kyuks will vote for Ruto just bc they feel they owe him…!!

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Ruto just like his arch nemesis…Will only sniff at the presidenzy… Mark my words…



In a battle between Ruto and Kalonzo, Ruto will whitewash the watermelon for several reasons.

  1. Ruto is a performer. Kalonzo failed even in his own Tseikuru backyard.
  2. Ruto is intelligent. He plans 10 steps ahead. Kalonzo barely plans for next week.
  3. Ruto is charismatic. When present in a room, everyone will instinctively fall behind him.
  4. Ruto will get the Kikuyu vote. Kalonzo will most likely go with Wetangula or MaDvd as his running mate. There will be no strong kikuyu presidential candidate.
  5. In East Africa, Kibaki holds the record as the only time someone got in power (legally) from the opposition. And this was partly because Moi was not determined enough to keep him out.

Be concerned of a possibility that world war 3 might have started …4 years sio supu ama @Supu don

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tumemake sonko awe gavana ,watch this space

you cant rule out that possibilities it has happened thrice in the world politics

2022 is very far my friend, ask your self atakuwa amenyakua acre ngapi before that time

Like the ‚ÄėRussian roulette‚Äô ‚Ķ Putin Prime minister, Putin President. Medvedev President‚Ķ Medvedev ‚Ķ(it‚Äôs spinning out of control)‚Ķnahisi kisunzi!

Am not sure about that but mtu kama Mutua aki vie kura yangu kwake… A man of actions

Naona Ruto~Mutua… Hii inaeza kua combo kali sana


Have some chills for kaloser:D:D

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All he needs is to be a kifaranga ya computer. The rest are details.

By 2022 ntakuwa nilisha fanya suicide

Not because they feel that they owe him…we OWE HIM na dawa ya deni ni kulipa

haha sawa…