Reason #700 Why I Hate Vumbistan. Very Sad.

#Vumbistansucks #Nihayotuu

Me Tooo !

@Mjuaji … We cannot judge a whole tribe due to one person. Same way as I hate being judged because of muthamaki.

For the first time ever I agree with you @luoamerican.
Stereotypes are really taking this country back to the dark days. We do not entertain that here.
My apologies for not deleting this comment as soon as it was posted.

Its not a laughing matter my friend.

Don’t pretend to not be a tribalist now.

Do not make this worse than already is.

@Mjuaji chunga ulimi.usijipate pambaya

Please report this link I act on it, somehow I can’t trace it.

Mod unaonaje hiyo equinox

Its funny when the tribalists I am parodying do it.
Just look at any political thread and watch a multitude of VSs call for genocide daily.
Anyone that knows me know i’m the opposite of the above sentiments. But tunajua hii kijiji iko na wenyewe.

… I have never been one.

Hatuko pamoja.

Its loading in, the boardroom.

Si mkae huko na kikombe


Yeah. Ok. o_O:confused::cool:

He was being facetious. Go look at the context of that thread.

You may hope to apologize coz your post was in bad taste.
At least your statement above is a positive step.