Realme c3 available in jumia


There will be a flash sale on Monday for 11999/-. Be on the lookout.


Bad user review after bad review. One should buy it at their own risk!


Tena worse is that people are complaining about issues that crucially matter on a phone!

A small shipment of that phone had technical issues. Even xiaomi Redmi note 9s had similar issues in the European market. After some updates the phone is working normally
Realme is a serious Chinese brand that has been tried and tested. It is one of the best midrange brands in the world

Pimp master general ni promoter wa realme

Kwani unamarket their products. But yes it’s true this is common among phone manufacturers and affects everyone including Apple.

Lakini kwa mkenya usitake kuwa guinea pig. Ngoja first devices zinunuliwe pia you monitor customer care services before taking the dive.

Some years ago Huawei had issues in the Kenyan market some phones operating systems were in Chinese instead of English

2-3 years is too little to use the words "tried and tested

Ndio maana niko team xiaomi until i find a replacement which is unlikely to happen any time soon

Redmi 9A iko na similar specs and its 10500

Similar specs? Xiaomi Redmi 9A has MediaTek g25 while realme c3 has MediaTek g70

Kenyans have the habit of hating phones they have not used. When they come across a person enjoying the brand they hated they will all flock like house flies to buy that phone. Some years ago someone said that xiaomi produces mefi phones xiaomi had very few users in kenya back in those days

Xiaomi redmi 9 has /G80 SoC