Reality Will Sink In Come January, Extent Of Bankrupcy Will Be Laid Bare Once School Reopen. Watu Wamesota My Friend

January ndio mtaona FAKE middle class. Hundreds of Private schools have been closed permanently and the ones that will still be operational will still face financial strain from broke parents leaving thousands of their former pupils hanging. When schools resume in January government public schools will be overwhelmed. There are no desks or floor space to cater for the hoards of pupils that will throng their gates come January. The problem is further compounded by Social Distancing meaning every stream will give rise to three classes to achieve the 1.5 Square meter rule

Have u thought that home schooling will pick up pace na middo class.whether private tuitors or parents themselves, There are thousands of jobless certified teachers willing to offer affordable home schooling services.
Private schools are setup on credit mostly and that is why they are more geared towards offering unnecessary activities to service their debt. Identify a niche where you can pay for what you want like an education system with Pay per course and we will have a competitive and better performing student. The biggest drawback is social skills which will drop for students which in the long run isn’t healthy for a growing child but alas,you cant have everything you want in life.

@Ndindu are you saying Sisi watu mitoto yetu iko group of school. Kwanza tusilipe school fees juu ni kama shule mingi za private will face the wrath of auctioneers hammer.
Kwanza government is anticipating increase in enrollment of public schoools. Ni kama kutakuwa na mass exodus.

How many teachers can competently teach all the subjects? and a parent who cant pay 20k fee cannot afford private teachers who would cost the same or even more

Did you do a survey or where did you get the data to come up with this conclusion. If you are using anecdotal evidence, it’s as good as guesswork

For every challenge there is a solution. Ask yourself how the current private schools have been undertaking the online classes. The whole curriculum is taught. As long as the parent is willing to pay, the service will be offered at your convenience and budget too.

Niliona shule zingine za Baringo nikastuka mbaya. Classrooms za matope mpaka administration block. Choo ni kashimo size ya bucket chini ya acacia tree yet Uoru na Ojinga wanacampaign BBi.


We were born in Paradise yet we live like pupers


Be the judge.

These kids dont deserve this :eek:

Wacha turudie shule za kanjo like back in our days :smiley: ministry of education was very competent back then tho… ‘group of schools’ ilikua tu Makini na Braeburn. Public schools delivered thoroughly. Turudi factory settings na TSC iandike walimu wengi… Hii private school pay through the nose is BS… Kindergarten 60K per term ghaseer

Isn’t this a sight to marvel!! 24 years Moi error results, weka picha pia of those dying of hunger!

Despite the turmoil, there are people still thriving and will thrive. Hope keeps people going despite all.

This will marginalise the poor kids whose parents can’t afford, tutors and wifi. Most of the real deal private schools continued their learning…online.

That is not a solution. Most parents cannot afford and even if they can afford its too expensive because they have to hire several teachers to teach all the subjects. The parents you are talking about will still afford the remain private schools they dont need to hire private tutors

It is either we go with the trend or remain where we are. The New age will force most of us to join online classes. Anyway no money, no food, no school. Parents will decide

Hii itabidi tungoje kwanza . New strain ya covid,greedy government and pissed off broke citizens. Nitangoja kwanza kabla nilipe nisichome pesa ka march

For Ministry of Education to make progress, then Prof Magoha needs to leave.

As @Mimi Huwa Namwaga Ndanii says. Endeleeni kuzaaana.

The chief politician from this county that thinks he has a divine right to the presidency…

A lot of parents and kids will die anyway once the Ex-UK strain of corona lands in Kenya.

Well put, huu umafi tunaona skuizi mtoi anaenda nursery na 60k kila term lazima uishe. Then in the long run mtoi hamalizii Kabarak au USIU… rather KU etc …
What Kind of actual fückery is this then?