Reality of things

Wouldn’t you agree…


But even in the absense of kids, women generaly take a lot of time to prep themselves…


very true…to avoid the waiting, I usually sit back, watch a movie and wait for them to be ready, then I get into the shower and prepare within 15 minutes. Instead of waiting for them for 2 hours, I make them wait for me for just 15 minutes.




Them? Kwani u have how many ladies?
If they take shorter time they will end up as tomboys wearing sneakers , n no makeup

That is on point

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i appreciate my lady looking like a tomboy once in a while

Me too, turns me on.Naona nita suggest to my S.O. Timberlands, a cap and a tee.


@Nameberry1 by “them” i am referring to the wife, mbotch and kids

:D:D:D ati even ua househelp hehe

[quote=“fishmonger, post:9, topic:56871”]

@Nameberry1 by “them” i am referring to the wife, mbotch and kids

House help tomboy is a houseboy.[/QUOTE]

So u juz like variety. Juz like I would like my man to cross-dress once in a while( I dare not say this to him thou’):slight_smile:

What exactly do you mean?

Me I play around with time, if I intend we leave at 2, I tell her we’ll be leaving at 1.Ladies being who they are, she won’t see anything wrong when we leave an hour later while all along it’s what I had planned.

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Juz avae smthn like my bra n then some lipstick n juz fool around

Just. curious… Do you own a strap-on and whip @Nameberry1…?

No no no. :eek: no such intentions really. I know wat ur thinking and its not pretty!nkt