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[ATTACH=full]57509[/ATTACH] We think we are free but not, those who claim to be our leaders are misleaders, Afropeans who are handled by the East and the West.

[SIZE=5]Soma “Confessions of an economic hitman” ndio utachukia mzungu Akina IMF , worldbank Are here to finish us ! Now IMF is against rate capping ! [/SIZE]

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IMF advised many African countries in the late 80’s and better part of the 90’s to adopt SAP’s. That really fucked up many economies on the continent.

The hallmark of SAPs was reduced gov’t expenditure on such critical services as education (especially colleges) & healthcare. It never made any logic to me why they’d insist that yet the western capitals where these bodies (WB & IMF) were headquartered spent massively on the same.

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There was also a lot of emphasis on privatization of crucial public organizations and retrenchments of civil service workers.

We suffer as many but are you suffering as an individual African?
If not, what are you doing for the suffering?
If nothing, then are you not a muppet?

Kwanza retrenchment had far-reaching social consequences spanning decades. Some never quite found their footing. Yet in almost every gov’t office you go to there’s a queue of pple awaiting service, which points to insufficient manpower.

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