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This thing is Locked @spear there is one thing That almost one certain thing that is peculiar to Kenyan politics that has overly been overlooked by the pollsters,"The PSYCHOLOGICAL FACTOR"Since the advent of multiparty politics in 1992 the “OPPOSITION” position and number has always been over-hyped,let me illustrate,if you were to enter a Matatu and ask how many jubilee supporters are there you may be one or two people will raise up there hands.If you ask how many people support NASA you will see some five hands raised,the other twenty may likely be jubilee supporters but out of fear or some other reasons choose not to show their affiliations.Deductively i can tell you for sure the Five per cent “UNDECIDED” voter will most certainly lean or are jubilee leaning.No opposition supporter will tell any pollster that they are undecided,never.
Even here in KTALK you would think that JUBILEE and NASA supporters are evenly matched till you take the poll which by the way is supremely accurate based on the incognito status of the voters.Case closed.

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Hapo kwa undecided you’re very right!

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