Real mArdid vs Manchester city Game on.

25 minutes and its already 2-0 with goals from benzema (21 minute) and cristiano ronaldo (25 minute).
-As I always say, english league is way way overrated; its only their marketting skills which places them on the level they currently are.
game za kesho ndio moto; barcelona vs man-united and chelsea vs PSG

  • Game is ongoing fisthalf; real madrid is on fire here

da faaq?, its already 3-0 and its only 44 minutes into the game. Raheem sterling who was bought for ÂŁ 50 million aint doing dick.
-another brilliant goal from pepe has made it 3-0 in favoue of real madrid

hmmm manchester city are lucky to get a penalty and yaya toure doesnt miss. 3-1

Cecafa update
Khartoum National 1-0 Gor Mahia
7th minute.

eih bana; hao sudanese wanalemea wanaume wetu aje? 7th minute hata game ijashika bado!

aaauuuuwwwiiiiii, mother of f*****k, what a shot from cristiano ronaldo ? waaaah! huyu kijana kitu anapiga messi compe is the speed and power of his shots…!!! faaq!!!

woi… Raheem Sterling already out and Dzeko in and you havent done dik? for £50 million ungetoka hata na bao moja bana!

Buda ukiona thread ni monologue mtu hu delete bt anyway wacha nikusaidie…Bado ni 3-1 ama

Na huyu mzee Yaya Toure si niifikiri anatoka man city…kuliendaje

Hehehe! Ni monologue but nai update inakaa hii game haina ma fans watu hawaioni am just updating the scores.

its 4-1 real madrid have added another goal from thebsubstitute cherishev, Toure alikataa kuenda inter milan he is remaining at city. Italy anajua ni kunoma pale.

Buda tunaiona pia

Ehh nimeona hii bao ya nne

umeona squad ya city kweli??? real had their first eleven , they were playing asif it was a ucl final

Man-city also had their best 1st eleven. Dont mention Aguero cause they had a ÂŁ50 million raheem sterling in front. Real played well; benitez needed to win to calm down the critics who hurled stones at him after being beaten by As Roma. Lets face it; EPL is somehow overrated. But ligi bado haijaanza I stand to be corrected lets wait and see.
Man-utd vs barca and chelsea vs psg kesho will tell us more on the content of English football.

@Hash_Tag Man u vs Barca ni sangapi kesho?

Saa tano usiku kenyan time

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It’s only preseason games. It’s a chance for both managers to try out new players and team tactics nothing more. Remember last year when United won a tournament in the states? I got all excited for nothing.

@Jirani Huyo jamaa wa african teens have namskilia huruma. Halfway through msichana anakataa then you end up having to bembeleza without success…

Link ya Game ya Arsenal?? Game ni 6 harakisheni

Game ya Arsenal iko Channel gani? Urgent@!!!