Real Estate Data

Niajeni? How can I get “ground” data for a real estate project without interfering with competitor’s confidential information? Like I want to know the type of houses tenants would want for let’s say Parklands. Factors like the number of bedrooms, Is there need for DSQ, Sizing etc with the aim of helping my client make informed decision to beat competition. After data from open sources, I need to go to the ground and research. Who can I talk to in the area/groudn for such information? Thanks.

Fuata hii link

Thanks so much elder. Much appreciate.

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I would talk to those agents who charge viewing fees kukutafutia nyumba vacant

this data is not true focus iko where the fake midro class reside e.g wapi emberkasi sub division data and such areas,check out cytonne weekly email centum page housing financing used to have monthly review pia some of major banks have data kwa site or a simple email to there sales department for real estate will give u better info HASS is well known for manipulation of data so dont really on that one source best of luck


bila evidence ya data manipulation or even a single court judgement on the same, this is just heresay and misinformation. It’s better upeleke to your favorite jaba base. No reasonable Kenyan will accept this bonobo like hollering.

I give it to you for offering alternative data sources but at least weka links for those interested.

Thanks for that. Will do so

Has it been challenged?

For ground info kuna huyu caretaker anaitwa @under23 he might help.

Hass Consultant owned by a Somalian by the name of Hassanali do ur own research and uncover the link between them and Kenya Urban Road Agency (KURA) on the distribution of road projects hence inflating prices on one side of town under the discus of the so called data za midro class and choking one side of town where common mwananchi reside trusting hizo data is like trusting your local politician will bring change also its well known fact this company does money laundering for the big wigs and Somalians so personally cannt trust anything they say or give unless u want to buy over inflated properties

Not aware of any challenge but gather as much data from various sources before making informed decision dont depend on just them as one source

Yeah, Nairobi’s real estate market is super diverse, and these reports don’t account for the ‘informal’ side of things. It’s better to go with sentiment than research, there are so many unquantifiable variables. Approach culturally rather than methodically.