So we know we enjoy watching series/movies/documentaries. But im curious to find out what the villagers are reading in their spare time, besides gatheti from @highschooler and the real ones @Ice_Cube uses as a carpet in the house.
This is what im currently reading:
funny stuff.
So what are you guys reading? @Supu don we already know you are re-reading your letters to penthouse collection.

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actually am reading the worlds most bizzarre murders…things pple are capable of…smh

The conjuror - Jeffrey deaver,check out this guy’s books he never disappoints

isaac asimov
his theories are credible

Blind watchmaker, taken months to read. Pdf version if they count. IMO reading paper back books is dying. Tried once some audio book in a long trip and was awesome. Kindle whites, another cool way of reading books.

wilbur smith’s Vicious circle and Desert God. Someone tell me where i can find his Those in Peril and i will have read all his novels

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I am always reading about three books at a time…mostly motivational, financial or short stories… I also read Wikipedia, uncyclopedia and murderpedia often… I religiously read “comment is free” section of the guardian UK while commuting daily. I also get to peruse through the people’s daily if I am lucky to get a hard copy.


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Wish i can go back to reading…

Am almost done re-reading My life in crime by John Kiriamiti, I never get enough of this man’s narration

I had an audiobook for one of robert ludlum’s books. I kept falling asleep listening to it. Maybe it was the guy reading it. Imagine if you have an audiobook being read out by Atwoli!


Hehehehehe…Yaani bado unasoma John Kiriamiti…??? Isokei, tuko pamoja ise coz am also re-reading Shamba la Wanyama…“Men, that bokk was funny, cant get enough of it…sindio?”

just stop wishing and get a book today…

I have alway been a fan of this dude toka zamani.:slight_smile:

start with this one from James Hardley Chase Find him i fix him, Pdf

Mitnick na kim dotcom ni legends

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It runs in the brains and genes…some guys are just hereditarily psychotic