RE: Un-decent dressing in Nyeri

To Speaker of the Assembly,
To be honest huyu spice ameonewa. She is very well dressed. This is victimization kusema ukweli. We are behind you Mheshimiwa Beth.

IECC (Independent Eye Cleanser Commission)

Shit kwani imekuwa Saudi Arabia. If I was that woman I would be suing left and right.

Zile nyege ziko Nyeri aki ni nyingi. For almost a month all they are discussing is how ladies are dressed. For sure wamama huko hukaza hema vizuri sana. Which is good coz for my brain to function I gotta see some ass!

There are men in Nyeri who are so insecure that bared upper arms cause them to have ‘un-decent’ desires.

Next: fact-finding mission to Riyadh to learn fashion policing from the Mutaween.

gashwin peleka Tata


More data points for the theory: “Men acting tough and macho in public are the most battered at home.” :mad::mad:

:D:D:D:D:D fisi aliposhindwa kufikia nyama alisema haijaivaaa :D:D:D:D:D

majamaa wa dryspell dem akikutaa kubali yaishe banaa huyo dem ako tu ‘ducently’ dresss .

hii slay MCA iko sawa…

Ala!! Hana miguu hockey sticks?

If it were elsewhere she would have undressed in protest

Na @GeorginaMakena amepeana maoni yake kuhusu hii story??

I think it is not about being decent, ni vile it is casual wear. In a formal work environment, unaweza enda na slippers au sandals kazini?

That madam is very okey, very decent.

thats not official wear kwanza cleavage inaonekana, male mps wont take u seriously wen youre even in maasai sandals,

This lady is just a Bimbo. Badala aseme “Indecently” anasema “Undecently”…aaargh. I am sure she was nominated juu anajua kuanikia mheshimiwa fulani somewhere. Bimbo!

The greatest threat to devilution ni hutu tuMCA those assemblies are.a.joke. Wahome Gakuru will have nothing to show for his high-flying Economics scholarship