Re-Run Elections 2017 - Kumira Kumira Edition

In a few hours I will dutifully and with much excitement vote for UhuRuto for peace, prosperity, unity and Jubilee Development.

I will also ensure RWNEBP and RAT heads to irrelevancy back in bondostan. Today RAT for the 100th time showed his true criminal nature and blood lust for power by converting his mad violent fellowship to a succession resistant movement. The true murderous ghosts and owners of PEV 2007 continue to reveal themselves. Just to be clear RAT has never done anything for anyone. Its either him, himself, his family, friends, sponsors and interests. His time is up.

90%+1 votes win.
Kenya moves on.
Long live Jubilee.
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General Makende will never be president.

I hope you are referring to Dim Eyed Orangutan aka Babuon :slight_smile:

TUKO PAMOJA mkubwa… From 27th kama vile tuliambiwa tutanyonyesha na tulee kile wataleta…Vitisho za chura ndo tulikata…


One way ticket to Bondostan to be delivered kesho.

Neffe effe…


Tuko Pamoja

Kumira kuumiria na gukindira



Tender ya kumbebea virago utapata…as long as you ensure kila kitu kiko kwa ot huko Bondo!



Tuko pamoja