Razima raila riwe riwalo


Kiama kia ma elders led by mzae @Meria Mata
Money has been poured.

After this, he should be very comfortable holding relies in Central akianzia na Kiambu kwa Konyagi aone akihutubia nzi pekee. Cc @Finest wine

elders eldering over no one. how many times will they try to flog the rat- kikuyu elders angle before they realise it is not working? jowie needs to accept that the mountain will always reject him and try to build up other alliances even if he has to humble himself to those he arrogantly insulted thinking he had caught the big fish. even the most vapid kielewekes of late are very quiet because they know the ground is hostile.

Nyùmba ya Mùmbì tùtigearira kìhìì gitanda. Kìhìì kirue RWNBP

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Ati Jowie?? Watu wa tangatanga have creative names


Raila haiwezekani

Ata akitaka kuface Sugoi ni sawa tu

Hao Kikuyu council of elders hatuwatambui

Wooi sioni body of the post. What is he upto in short?

Raila is a man rejected by the gods, prayers can’t save him.


He carries the curse of the greek legend SISYPHUS…keep rolling the stone up the mountain but when it reaches the top, just at the tipping point, it rolls back and he has to roll it back up. He rolled it in 2007, rolled it up again in 2013, then again in 2017. Same result everytime, always ‘almost’ there but not there yet, then it goes back to step zero.

He looks lost and disturbed. Uhuru has the brain cell of a warthog if he thought he would impose this man on Mountaineers. I saw a clip of a v angry Murathe sijui on CitizenTV? Sijui wanakasirikia nani saa hii. Murathe the man behind misleading that fool Uhuru said that he does not speak for the President. Furthermore, he said that the President’s remarks at the Mudavadi funeral were misunderstood. Heeeee kimeumana sana.
Just that Mountaineers are peace loving else Jakuon ought to be chased kama mwizi. Not after what he put the country thru in 2013 and 2017.

Na watu wametuingiza kwa deni ya 10 trillion wapigiwe kura. And you call me hateful

Piga kura kwenye unataka. Simple arithmetic.

Real desperate mzae.
Tulisha amua na we r just waiting for the debe

Badala mpikie mabwana breakfast kazi ni kupanga kuma zenyu chafu hapa