Rav4 or Mercedes

A friend is torn between the two. Both cars have the same price - 2.3m.

Rav4 is a Toyota model ya suv. Mercedes gani anauliza? Actros?


All of them.

C200 is not an suv. You cannot buy a c200 in place of an suv. If he is looking for an suv, then rav 4. The similar mercedes is an m class which going to be about 6m. C200 is a compact saloon, a mercedes version of a corola.

What is he buying the car for? To impress neighbors - msedes. To get more km per liter - RAV 4. It’s that simple.


A rav4 cannot give you more km/litre than a Mercedes c200. Unless you have info from muguka base.


Tunajua huyu friend ni wewe… Milealage yako mingi ni city/highway ama soft offroad… Unabebanga umati, ama ni wewe pekee most of your time… Weekends unashindaga mogoka base jijini ama unaingia machinani?..

Kama umefika level ya kununua mercedes ama rav4 inamaanisha uko na jalopy kwa parking tayari, ama kadudu… do you know your driving habit, destinations etc and therefore you cannot be torn between a jembe and a sword as you are…

So tayari unajijua vizuri matakwa yako ya barabarani…

So swali kama hizi za kighaseer usisumbie elders nazo tena… sio sisi tutakuendeshea gari…

Kama ungekuwa unauliza specifics about hizo gari mbili afadhali…

Haunaga akili wewe,uliza swali kwa upole



Alikuwa anatuenjoy bana. Hawezi uliza wazee ati if he should buy a bic pen or a book? Na hata hajasema ni text book ama exercise book anaongelea. Halafu mwishowe anasema c200. Hiyo ni corola ya mercedes. The only difference is engine size, tyre load and tyre speed ratings.

Then the question should have been what vehicle to buy with about 2.3m?

Lakini elder, do you think someone should only conpare cars that look alike? I dont understand that argument juu these cars cost the same price roughly so i believe you can compare them and pick one according to your needs. To me it seems op isnt sure whether he needs a sedan or an suv, so telling him to only compare SUVs haimsaidii, especially where one is 3m more than his budget

Rav4 auction ni 1.7M max, including taxes. At 2.3M you are overpaying for both cars by 600k. 2.3M umelandisha E200 na umemalizana na kra. Local dealers are making a killing. C200 ni 1.8M max imported na ukienda auction unaeza pata na 1.7M. Unless umekosa kazi ya pesa, avoid local cars being sold at 2M or more coz you are overpaying for a depreciating asset by 350k and above. Unalipia rent ya yard, mshahara ya salesmen, advertizing costs na izo ujinga zote.

Anyways, for comfort, class and to enjoy trips kwa highway go for c200. For practicality and trips to ushago and cheap stress free maintenance go for rav4.

Depends on daily/long term use patterns. Rav4 is a mini offroader primarily targeted at soccer mums. Personally I find men who drive Rav 4s ni kama wako na deficiency in the trouser department because how do you take a car loved by all those mistresses and other mathes and then drive it around. Kama ni offroad abilities, kuna gari nyingi at that price like Ford Ranger etc. Furthermore, fuel consumption na cost of spare parts za Rav 4 are not the best. So it’s a myth that as a Toyota, its cheap to live with.

Merc C200 is a good package of 90% of your driving is on good tarmac roads. Its reliable, good fuel economy and generally trouble free. Ndio maana zimejaa kwa barabara kama Toyota. However, a C Class is an entry level executive saloon na by definition they come with luxury and toys. Be ready to spend more kwa spares lakini siku hizi many C Class owners wameokolewa na used genuine parts Industrial area and direct imports through these walalo clearing firms. Gone are the days you had to deal with DT Dobie and their crazy pricing.

In short those two cars are not the same and its dien to what one is looking for.

Nimeshoka. Ebu nirare priss.

It is all fun and games until you start weighing the risk of having to open an auction account, succesfuly bid, and have the 45 days or more of sleepless nights as your moti gets inspected in japan, passes inspection and you finally see your BL docs sent… And then tracking meli vile inatembea daily baharini… halafu ifike port uanze kuogopa tyre na rims zako zitaibiwa… Kisha ikifika its dirty and messy and full of dents like a newborn kid… Not like that shiny car in the showroom…

Kununua gari overseas as a consumer/retailer ni kama kubeba mimba, haujui kama after kuibeba itazaa na mtoi atakuwa still birth ama atakuwa fala…

Support local professionals and have peace of mind, and also benefit by tapping into their networks and support system…

Ultimately as a retail importer your savings will never be better than the troubles you go to, the risks and agony of waiting, and the warranties offered by local showrooms…

Hapo kwa benzo, usidanganye jamaa, the driving has to be 99% tarmac if you dont want premium tears…

In my opinion, you should first know whether you need a lorry or a tractor before going shopping. A vehicle serves its specified need, and you cannot change the service target after you have already bought it. In my opinion, mercedes c class is only useful for people who have no other use for it other than on the highway and on street in-city errands. Someone looking to use a rav 4 is can be similarly served by an m class/gle mercedes, at a cost. Gle is 7 to 8m for 2013-2014 model. M class may be 6m if you are lucky. 2018 gle class is about 13m or thereabouts. There is no 2015 onwards m class.