Ratchet Technology!

The Twerking Teddies…

I don’t find this funny/marketable.


sex sells as they say, but i fear for the young generation

But this has definitely crossed the line…Our generation is oversexualized alright but we have no right to cascade it down to the younger generation! No parent should buy this crap!

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Last mile is with you as the parent. Utateta wazitoe next week utapata dildo mwikos. It’s up to the parent to guide their kid(as it always has).

I thought twerking season is over already…

A little too late…but still not kid appropriate

Gyrating teddy bears :eek::eek::eek: These indeed are the end times!!!


This only means a parent’s role, now more than ever before, is going to be highly fundamental in these times. What with sex everywhere! Even videos playing in matatus, that Riddim crap, are increasingly raunchy.