Rare Recording of Marcus Garvey


Great video. So refreshing. Now this is one smart black man. The penultimate Pan Africanist. I never realized he was this smart or that he had such a deep Jamaican accent. Its so sad, when he talks of what Africans supposed to have done 100 years ago, has regressed instead of progression. Nothings changed.

I would rather watch /listen to such videos than watch the funeral procession of one Daniel Arap Moi.

africans will forever be put down if we don’t stop sucking up to other races

Steven Kamande Wangui ushasema.

I wish you would say rare recording of first Kenyan man to invent the…

Or rare recording of first African on the moon or planet…

Black speech givers ni wengi. Speech giving ni speech giving tu. Afadhali Kibaki anaongea gibberish but his actions speak louder. Or what do you think?

Heck even @uwesmake gives a speech every end year at the Kenya Women’s Finance Trust dinner where he is employed as a receptionist. And he usually starts drafting that speech from January to December including heavy Bukusu proverbs, sayings and similes.

We need to develop ourselves first. We have nothing to show for the last 100 years except turmoil. Its sad because we are superior to other races.

Marcus Garvey …black

Hio jaba ni variety gani elder? :D:D

i agree 100%

Hio knowledge yote, what have you achieved or invented that we can look up to?

Knowldge gani admin?

Yesss Rasta

malisa huyo brukhenge anasumbua kijiji…