Rapist Mp Gideon Mwiti

I happened to read the above report on the raped woman journalist and realised vital samples were handed over to the police… I hope the hospital had the foresight to keep duplicate samples under its care in case of contamination… Otherwise this case has the potential to make some senior police officer wealthy at the expense of the poor woman… All the same reading the report made me realise even if the rape claim wouldn’t be supported by evidence… The stupid Mp will still be going away for along time for assault… He will at the end get the H.I.V he was fearing from fellow men.


The hospital employee or whoever in the police oversees the preservation of evidence can be bribed to get rid of the rape kit and with no rape kit, no case. One can only hope that her lawyer will be very very vigilant until that suspected rapist
ends up in Kamiti prison. .

Everything aside, the medical report is very unprofessional. Kwani is it a statement at apolice station??? It looks cooked by an dumb doctor. There is no objectivity in the report why is the doctor giving the stories to the extent he doesnt know?
His report should begin at the point of reception of the victim and should be immediately followed by the medical report. ie What is his physical observation and what sample did he take? What are the indications/inference of the obersvations. Does the sexual activity seems to have been violent or not. Hio story ingine ni ya polisi. Huyu anaaibisha UoN med school.

How do you expect the report to be taken seriously kama ni hekaya tu ameandika kwa report???

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True, a very big part of that ‘medical’ report reads like a statemet to the cops.

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Yes its very obvious. Even if this report went to court, the defence lawyer would have a field day with it. Ati the “perpetrator”, does this doctor know something known as the judicial process. He is not supposed to determine whether its rape or an orgy or whatever, but he is supposed to present his opinion on the possibility of a sexual assault. He seems to be dumb, cooking things, or fucking up prosecution case. I saw someone on Tv question his qualification although I didnt pay attention to the bulletin then.

is there an instant HIV test? Blood pressure ako na poa sana…yangu inachapa above 145

Even the VCT one is like instanct.


I think HIV inaonekana definitively after 12 days since exposure by the normal instant test. Anyway she must be on PEP now whatever the case and if she is not lying. But there is an instant test that will work in several minutes. Kwani hujawahi pimwa?

vital samples were handed over to the HUSBAND.

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Now this Mp had hired a whole doctor to oversee rape? hekaya

I thought she was too calm for one who had just been assaulted and raped…

hahaha…So the husband collected samples. Si kenya kunakuwanga na Ndrama na mafindeo

Given to the husband to hand over to the police… Meaning they will still end up with the thugs in uniform.


last nilipimwa ilikuwa kwa hosi kitambo…had to wait a few hours

you bet? any paralegal will tell you that the chain of evidence is something you guard very seriously. who will the DPP call to present the evidence in court? apoliceman to tell court he is presenting evidence brought by the victim’s husband?

Nyinyi ndio wale mkiwa wagonjwa mnalialia na kujifanya ili watu wawahurumie

Daktari ndiye tu quack sana. How does he even know whho is the husband and who is not? When there are no serious injuries I think its better to record statement kwanza alafu utapelekwa hospitali with all the p3 and shit. or is there a legal procedure of reporting? huyu daktari ni kiherehere sana and he has perfected quackery. Hiyo report yake yenye husbands wanacollect samples ni ujinga. Who is he to collect samples? Samples are collected by professionals with the right equipment. How can samples be given to victims at any one point? Samples are collected by the prosecution(state) from the authorised examiner or directly from the victim and are not given back to the victim uless they are valuable. Even if they are valuable, articles are only given back after their usefulness to the case is expended.

hii kesi itauma watu just for a while kama kawaida…then mp mwingine atacommit crime nyingine, and the cycle will go on

Lakini most people watching this drama dont know anything about the legal system and the whole thing is doing a good job embarrassing the Mp and giving credibility to the complainant and crew.