rape confessions

Are people sick or what??
Why would you confess to raping a person?

Give a man a mask, and he’ll show his true self


I have no mercy for rapists I think their dicks should be cut of.



Rapists belong in jail. Huyu anafaa kukuwa Kamiti akikamuliwa mkia. :mad::mad::mad:…some women really go through alot and I cant help but sympathize.


These sick confessions are becoming too much.

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Kumbe people actually use this confessions site to post their takataka huko smh

To any normal man this would be the most shameful thing they have ever done, something to lose sleep over.
To him it’s a victory. Some people need help.

Huyu psycho anafaa kuwa mathari mental hospital.


kuna sex on sale everywhere even with at lowest as 150

And what special corner in hell should be reserved for such
@Mosa this sounds like your warped mind.

dawa ya rape ni kukatwa mshipa wa starter

Haiya guys kwani are you talking about me? Coz naona nikama kila mtu ananipoint

Siezi buy coomer

So u would rather force some innocent kid

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Id rather find a puppy…

Apana iyo ata mimi nimekataa