Rant on tech reviewers - From the NYAMGONDHO

After the closure of the Jim Reviews audio-review channel, I have struggled to find a balanced reviewer for headphones and earbuds. I have been warming up to a couple of guys such as El Jefe and Flossy Carter, but these guys are now headed to the bin. Yet again!

My problem really started when I decided to purchase the Jabra Elite 7 Pro. Apparently, these reviewers were not given test-units, something which they complained about ad infinitum. Then they mentioned in between reviews that they had obtained the Elite 7 Pro and found them not worthy of review apparently because the ANC was bad etc. etc. and would not recommend them to anyone.

But as most of you already know, Nyamgondho Woud Ombare is an authority by himself and does not rely solely on opinions of these tech reviewers. I went ahead and purchased the Jabras on pre-order at a cost of around 25 -27K. The earbuds were okay, but I really enjoyed them after the first update which came through in February this year.

After my purchase Jabra also released other lower quality earbuds which include the Jabra elite 3, elite 4 and elite 5. All these were quite inferior to the 7 Pros. Immediately after, Soundcore released Liberty 3 pros. Suddenly all these reviewers went crazy claiming that these were the greatest earbuds period and compared them to the Boses and XM4s of this world. But avoided direct comparison to the Jabras

More recently SoundCore released the space a40 earbuds, all these reviewers claimed these were the best earbuds under USD 100. Actually, they claimed that these were on par with Liberty 3 pros in all categories except sound. In one of the comparisons el jefe admits that Jabra elite 4, which is far inferior to the 7 pros is actually better than the space a40 in some areas such as sound and ANC - although they claim the space a40 get the overall win.

This got me surprised! Apparently, they cannot recommend the superior Jabra 7 pros to anyone and won’t even review them at all, but they can recommend the Jabra elite 4 - a far inferior earbud to people who want better ANC and good sound. See video below.


The reason they gave some praise to the Elite 4s is because Jabra finally gave them some units to review.

This proves these reviewers are too biased to be trusted. In other news, today, Engadget rated the Jabra elite 7 pros above the 2022 airpods pro, which actually shows the disparity in reviewer opinions. Link below

Apple AirPods Pro 2 vs. Jabra Elite 7 Pro | Digital Trends


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