Rant 101: Of Education System and Kenyan Economy

A change in Education system will not save Kenya.

The issue lies within ourselves, Kenyans not education. Do not blame the government and capital for now. We are rich in education but we are very poor in the mind.

Now the thing is, why is it that Kenyans we are still dragging behind economically after 50 years of independence. Why are we so happy when Obama comes here with American’s taxes to ‘give’ us hand-outs? Why is it that Asians whom we attained Independence around the same time are so far ahead of us? Can’t we make a cravat? Does making a cravat require GCSE or GES? Why is it that we don’t believe in ourselves and our abilities? Almost everything you are wearing is an import, 50+ years after independence.

We have many educated engineers yet we import almost everything ata wembe, toothpicks, sindano. The best thing we can do is export knowledge ourselves, which is just a sort of slavery or import diploma guys to come and manage our resources here, bully and DFHKMBLBH our graduate daughters of the soil. Can’t we just believe in ourselves, import products like the Chinese and Japanese do learn how to make them, buy rights and manufacture them ourselves? We still fancy Javas of this country even after them raping a minor, kwani can’t Kenyans own such shops and we promote them?

Can’t local musicians make beats by Nonini ama Nyota Ndogo? And then we do away with these Chinese beats. Bata has been here for decades, does it mean we will never make our own Kenyan shoes? I see guys making counterfeit safari boots, so we have the potential.

Guys whining about Nakumatt and all that while Tuskys is there. Guys saying Equity is a villagers’ bank while it is Kenyan. If you have worked closely with Indians, you must have realized that Indians buy from Indians, not unless at extremes of scarcity. Many years after the cell phones were first made we cannot make a standard battery in Kenya leave alone a phone. Can’t Tabitha make one or two brands of alcohol and make them to international standards. People love her summit, can’t she just produce summit alone, market it and out do mzungus company?

Can you compare the Mobius and Probox? Where are designers kina @Deorro ? Is this the best engineers can do? Mechatronic, manufacturing, electrical and electronics engineers? Mind you all that jalopy, utapata ata cables ni imported.

We export knowledge, so our education system is valuable.

The problem lies here: We are still our own slaves.
PS, weka picha mimi nimeweka hekaya


Hope you don’t rant to your wife when you need to burst a nut

I’m still searching for Kenyan swahili cartoons for kids. @Deorro we maybe up to something here.

Kiriku! :D:D:D But I’m not sure if it’s Kenyan or TZ!

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Chinese are putting a multi stories building for Nairobi University, the same university puke all manner of engineers every year???^/###&*:???#@#&&

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the studio am interning at is currently developing one. cannot give out info hapa for now. but will keep you informed on progress.

shida ya Kenyans ni they dont like supporting their own but would gladly embrace foreign items even when they are inferior. rember when Taifa Laptop by JKUAT came out? people were claiming that Jkuat stole VAIO font. others claimed that they just assembled diffrent parts never mind that my own HP laptop comprises of intel processor, Synaptics touchpad, intel gpu, Hitachi Hdd, Dre speakers…


FYI the largest shareholder at Equity bank is a British company

on Mobius people were ranting here claiming of how its ugly, i visited their website from the link provided here on ktalk n there were like 10 job openings. remember the KDF cadet post? everyone was discouraging the guy yet the info he needed was in friday DN. Kenyans are their own enemies


Hawa watu wa computer science na software engineering where are they like now i need an antivirus? Kwani huwa wanafunzwa nini shule? Ama hii pia itakuja na GES ama GCSE?

there has been a Kenyan made antivirus since 2013. its called Bunifu Snipper. check out their website here http://bunifusniper.com/ u can give it the 15 days trial. its compatible with even windows 10


Exactly, now this is the kind of stuff am talking about.

i salute the inventor.
i will have to buy it for my pcs.
support kenya build kenya

i salute the inventor.
i will have to buy it for my pcs.
support kenya build kenya

Am currently running a deep scan
Status: Keep calm, hakuna matata

There’s a day, a coupla years back, that I was looking for some spare part. Hata sikumbuki ni gani. But after traversing the entire length and breadth of the city for a whole two days we still couldn’t find it. I swear I have never been as angry as I was at the time. Here we were, 50years after independence, several thousands of engineering graduates later, and I still had to import even the simplest of small components. Where did we go wrong? Why is the Numerical Machining Complex not churning out some of these components? Kwani how difficult is it to reverse-engineer even the simplest of engines like a water pump or motor-cycle?:mad:

we import razor blades, toothpicks etc because its cheaper to import than to build them ourselves therefore most of our industries are underdeveloped, underfunded or run out of business. we still have some to develop and integrate systems and industries and bring those costs down and that is what true development is, sio kufurahi na barabara imejengwa yet its not adding optimum value to the economy. South Sudan is an exporter of crude oil yet it imports oil from Kenya, ever wonder why???

the same engineers who stone traffic lights when they miss puthy because their agemates are peddling it on koinange and olepolos?


Largest shareholders are Norwegians. Then Britam (KE), then Helios (UK).

Helios sold half of its shares to 2 n not 1 Norwegian companies