Range Rover Sport (2018) Dragon Challenge – EXTREME CLIMB


Ule msee alisema step ya kwanza iwe #Fortuner aisee hapo poa

Is that a picture ama video?

Thought you already know that a life without a purpose is a life unfulfilled. And the main difference between an accomplishment and a purpose, is that a purpose usually makes a positive difference in the lives of others. And that is at the heart of what The.Black.Templar is all about.

Weka video uwache story mob

Naiona mimi

Range Rover sports ni town car…off-road stunts wachia Jeep


Now i can see it, op labda alikuwa amekosea akarekebisha

Ata mimi sikuwa naona Video, just picture

kuna shida na site wadau, mtu akiweka video saa ingine inatokea kama picha tu alafu uki reload a few times inashika line, inakam ikipotea.

Hapana, if you have a slow network it appears as a picture. Change to safaricom 4G uwache u-miser/ufukara

Am on 4G bro…na ata saa hii imekataa

He he he he ati alerts ngapi?

why in God’s fúck do you have 5000 alerts?

all those alerts on tissue paper deals do add up you know