Random photo Thursday

No story today, just a pic :slight_smile:
Haya, if you can, upload one as well!

That cleavage though!:rolleyes:


Tee Ts ta moo

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hehe wewe niteam ,‘open image’

Team mafisi will see only one thing in that photo. Lakini hata wewe @The.Black.Templar ni team mafisi kimpango.

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I hope hii break is not for giving the sixth guy time kwenda kukunia msituni.


hahaha…na si umefikiria sana

hook up na hio cleavage niaje?

Hapa ni Karura? Looking forward to joining the event…when’s the next one?

Ehee, mimi niko hivi[ATTACH=full]10124[/ATTACH]


I can imagine the cleavage bouncing up and down while riding on a rough road :rolleyes:

yea its Karura…if ever anything is planned, I will definitely let you know in good time (Though these things are never really planned in such detail)

wazi…guys post more random photos…wachaneni na cleavage!

Hio Fisi haioni umeshika tools za kungoa transformer??? Kwanza hio fork inangoa mpaka cables na wiring.

Btw do you cycle from home to Karura? How far is it from where you stay?. I am not sure about cycling from here (south C) to Karura, I’m afraid the road seems too narrow to cycle and there isn’t a bicycle lane.

Watu wa Arimis toa morning wood na hii[ATTACH=full]10129[/ATTACH]

if you cycle from south c to kasarani, then my friend you usually cycle past karura forest. Its less than 1km from thika road along kiambu road, take the first left turn after the muthaiga golf club and then 50 metres ahead take the right turn in that T-junction and a gate into karura forest will be just ahead of you. entry is 100bob! From there you can go as crazy as you want

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Osiris unaniangusha bana…lakini simba akikosa nyama hula nyasi

Hiyo ni laptop bwana you don’t expect her to have humongous ass or tits,do u?