Random hits

Am not used to hitting on strangers but today(thursday) I hit on some lass after bumping into her twice(last week and today) because I couldnt stand the beauty. She is obviously interested because she gave me special attention at her business for the two visits, but trying to appear reserved and conservative and she shied off when I dropped the date bomb very early. I think anataka kubembelezwa. I got the number without much ado though. Siku hizi kuna zile calling the second day for these “class women” ama unatext tu and no offence? I dont want to fuck up. I thought a young naive girl will tense when a relative stranger calls just like she did nikimhanda date but am not sure. I am honestly used to dating women who are straight forward and may even drink alcohol on first date and possibly bang, and who are over-excited and sending flowers very early on whatsapp.

Don’t skip ktalk law…Wapi mbisha ya lass ama ya business?


I find calling the chic the next day or even two days after as appearing too desperate and cliche’ I normaly call the next week after taking the number

hi guys! how does it feel to be village elders?

Dont make the mistake of starting the conversation too early…

break the ice and be free with each other before seeking exclusivity,this can go on for even three months; going for hikes playing kiddish games pinching each other in public, having jokes that only you two can understand; otherwise your relationship will be one boring, official and stifled affair.

Yea don’t make the mistake of starting the conversation too early. …ile shida mimi niko nayo is when should someone open up and tell the girl akuwe girlfriend with the aim of marriage thereafter

At one week? The lady would have forgotten who you are. Ama unadhani wewe pekee ndio unamkatia?


sidhani ni mimi pekee, I know there are hordes of fisis and if amesahau pia haidhuru, it has worked for me several times. What am driving at is do not follow the magazine-prescribed dating routine

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Excellent advice…if he wants to do more than bang.

yaani you bitchez still waste time ati two days ati two weeks!!!who has time for that shit…its either you like me or not…you fuck me or not

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Class or not a woman is still a woman… Ukijua hiyo you are good to go.

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Aawww you like her …this is good, just be cool n spontaneous :cool:

Lest we forget. Weka picha cha ya couldn’t stand the beauty ama ni hekaya tupu

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Kama hii [ATTACH=full]3332[/ATTACH]

Wewe umeona nimeweka gazeti kama reference hapo? So lets say you talk to a lady for ten mins then you dissappear for a week unadhani u will be running on her mind every min?

who said am looking to run in her mind? That is what was my goal when I was still in college, I have different goals now

Virgins being sexperts,smh.No rules or cliches even calling after a week can show a narcissistic prick you are.You take all ladies to have the IQ of mangoes or wot?

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nope, does the time frame depend on the lady’s IQ? I don’t think so, it all boils down to one’ s preferences, and the kind of message you want to portray. For my case, the message will be its nothing serious am looking for.

@Ice_Cube my point is, being genuine is more charming that trying to follow a script not unless it’s your first rodeo.