Rambo Bambo boom boom...

If you can place those words to the show they belong you are a fossil in this forum like yours truly.
Wacha tuone wazee wa kazi

Rambo bambo boom boom… Kiini macho kbc

Kiini macho.

Meanwhile @Mworia Wameru continue fucking them. Fat pussy, slim pussy, tall pussy, short pussy, black pussy, white pussy… Just fuck them, bora usifanyike kama kidinyi

Kidinyi alienda wapi??

Hata sijui bro. That’s why I don’t this mkenya to potea pia. But in the meantime he should fuck em all

Kiini macho he he he. Nice memories.

Some hindi old man performing tricks with colourful hankies for kids on KBC

Kiini macho was a legend he made coins come out of my nose I’ll never forget that day it was a Thursday 1995