rainbow nation.....am saddened by a waste of beauty

it just pains me mtoto wa kike akitekwa na jike -man wannabe-mwenzake…the bible dissaproves,quran dissaproves,budhist dissaprove ata atheists…
one word for you jasmine…no matter how you firmly press that lost booty you will always pee squatting,mensturation ni kama kawa …
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such a waste of booty…
“me” wannabe
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The beautiful one is on experimental trial once she comes to her head she will worship the NDIC!

" Do not Judge Others"

all she needs is a proper thrashing,a kinda ktalk threshhold met…how can you live by tribbing andonly and fake cold plastic dicks???

do you fly the rainbow flag at the footsteps of your AH OPENING BY ANY CHANCE??plus its their am not judging but criticizing

c mbaya coz all virgins will go to hell coz hawakufanyia mbegu yao kazi

Huyo “mvulana” looks like one thirsty hanithi.:smiley:

I can voluntary have a lesbian relationship with the chic, I will suck her pussy only if she allows me to use my meat dildo thrice per night and once in the morning.

Shait.i recorgnise her well.Namjua in a diff name

Apitishwe mboro kwa entrance ya coomer tu.

nilimuona kwa captain frisk kitamboo

Show me ANY Lesbian , and I will show you a Woman who Never got proper Dick Orientation in her life . The problem is two-fold …on the one hand , Lame Duck Males who have no idea how to treat and Make love to a Woman properly and on the other , … A woman badly mistreated or not properly oriented into an adult Sex life.
Lesbians are generally 3 types …Butches ( Alpha Male Wanabees ) who are usually very aggressive to real males ( competition for female attention ) …Femmes ( passive wives in the relationship ) …usually very low esteem individuals looking for acceptance , love , comfort and validation …the third type are the Bi-Curious who swing both ways ( adventure thrill seeking types , many are nymphomaniacs or Sex freaks chasing that extra adrenaline that comes from simultaneously chasing two different lifestyles…
Different remedial solution work for these 3 different types.
Femmes are the easiest to " convert " …they usually were badly treated in a “Normal” relationship so if you bring your best “Game Skills” and start your relationship on the right footing , … Chances are you will easily convert her… Always keep in mind that the “Butch” , being a biological woman , understands the sex needs and psychology of a “Femme” better than you do so just hoping a good fuck will do the magic for you will not work…
Converting a “Butch” requires a smart , sneak approach…
Get her / him first into the “Friend Zone” …pretend to accept her until you win her trust …slowly get under her skin then pounce expertly in a moment of weakness ( after a good party and she is slightly intoxicated ) …you don’t want her to forget the experience…Make passionate Love to her but don’t Fuck her just yet ( … kiss , fondle and suck every part of her miserable body until she begs for it …) …then tell her how much you want her to allow to be ONE with her …If you have done your homework right … , she will cave in and never be the same again …
Problem is …you will end up with a “Butch” madly in Love with You …!!
You can’t win them all … !!

Bro ,… I am willing to bet that given time…I can easily “convert” both back to normal …

Anaitwa Michael au Ken au???
Huyo mrasta inakaa mwanamme

Anaitwa Fatma. Napitianga kwake kazini kumsalimia from time to time akiwa shift. Sometimes she puts me off with that exessive make up and dont stick around for long