Rain rain go away

So in the morning the weather looked abit friendly…to all the people who dont have proper attire for the rain…
were gonna get drenched today :confused::confused:
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What kind of underwear do you have on kitty? Can you jog with it in the rain?


and also give us a photo of what you are wearing

I meant i did not carry a trench coat or an umbrella

Ooh me gosh, with that on you don’t need any ferking umbrella. That’s enough material for a tent right there.


Ha ha…aki nimecheka yangu yote…nice one

come baby I keep you warm…my heavy nutz will make it rain all over your eyes…skeet skeet

Hizo trench coat huwa hazinibambi.Zinanikumbusha WWII.


:D:D:D:D ati zinakukumbusha WWII. We’re you one of the fighters ama.

In the Burma campaign, I survived a bullet that missed my left lung by a whisker and shattered my sternum. That is a war I won’t forget in a hurry.There is me in my military gear.[ATTACH=full]4836[/ATTACH]


I can’t stop laughing. Reminds me of one old man back in my village who went to a certain function. He was offered porridge and he didn’t know it was hot so he took huge gulp uji moto ikamchoma akaanza kutoa machozi. Since he didn’t want to spit it he swallowed it but by then tears were running down his cheeks. One woman asked him why he’s crying and he was like "ndaririkana ùria Kenyataa atesirwo ndaigua kūrīra "


It also remind me back in high school on a weekend a friend took a hot tea akasomeka, he didn’t want to show amechomeka instead akasema hii chai Ni baridi Sana a msee who was sitting next to us who happened to be in a hurry took a huge gulp of chai tears started rolling on his cheeks, the poor old mzee just left immediately he didn’t even pay.

:smiley: :smiley: ogopa uji moto!:D:D


where is the puke emoticon again. .!!

:D:D:D:D:D:D:D Ati kii …???. Nice one

ngoja daktari amalize kuniweka plasta kwa kifua naleta bill…

home guard…