Rain effect

Grease drying faster than @uwesmake unawacha cum on @Female Perspective
Brake pads zinakua mawe, almost hit a ractis nkirush mogoka tao[ATTACH=full]97671[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=full]97670[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=full]97672[/ATTACH]


Kwani hii gari unatengenezewa na waganga?Hizo paraphenalia joo?

why do Kenyan mechanics refuse to use safety hand gloves?.Never seen any of them wearing.

safety gloves are for female mechanics so that their nails remain clean

All this due to rain? I thought dust ndio shida kubwa ya grease?

If you ever happen to work in an environment where safety requirements and gear are strictly adhered to you will change that view very fast.
I once worked with an Italian company where guys would never touch any tool without fitting on a glove 1st.

Sawa tumekubali ulienda Italy

I hope you have a non~stick pan for all your frying matter… …@mathaais
Otherwise Kula nyingi hapo giakanja polepole

pia mimo leo karibu niingie kwa mtaro na hii shoebaru traction control hakuna

Driving in flooded conditions can also affect grease, especially if the CV boots and bearing seals are not properly fitted

gecko priss! kumbuka italians wako malindi. pengine alikuwa mtu wa mkono hapo… si ati alitravel :smiley: