Uhuru Kenyatta has been boxed in a corner, the constitution he campaigned for is eating him, Raila Odinga is gonna abandon those elections thus making the whole process null and void…he is the CIC but has no powers, after 26th is gone, he must handover to speaker…they thought baba is a fool when he said there will be no elections, now they are diarrhoeaing unto themselves.


Watu walisomewa katiba na RAT :D:D:D:D:D

That’s the tragedy in thinking like a hoe.

Bora Baba amesoma mbona nijisumbue…,

KuharaHara TU.

What does the constitution says when there is only one candidate in elections? Upuss.

all that i can recall is Moses Kuria was declared MP-elect in his first term after the challengers withdrew from the race.


Kimani Ichung’wa too was the first mp to be gazetted before elections. It won’t be very good for the country but I know some will wank if he does so.

Kimani Ichungw’a did not have any challenger in the first place

Orengo has failed rao and the goons

Which part of the constitution are you referring to?
All of a sudden, Nasa has reverted to talking about abandoning, not participating, boycotting. Yet the other day it was NO ELECTION.
The lies and reality have finally caught up with Nasa. Whether they participate or not, the election will be held. Uhuru will be declared winner and not even the Supreme Court can help baba this time round.

Kijana ati Uhuru Kenyatta campaigned for which constitution??!!!

Hoes are normally strategic…this one…ah ah

:D:D:D:Draila alisoma on their behalf

I want to know how free secondary education will be implemented. Does it factor boarding fees?

And dont be surprised, this is the a$$hole propaganda being spread on whatsapp, in slums and back in the remote villages where people are aNasa damu. Very shitty indeed and sadly the audience believes it 101%.

Kunafaa kuwa na category for such threads, admin azipeleke tu huko wakae pamoja. :D:D:D yaani zero effort in…everything. Na ukapost bila kufeel anything :D:D:D:D…this is now a recognized talent.

It will not cater for boarding fees, but we will consider for this guy so that he can learn to read the constitution for himself.

Did they teach the constitution in high school? Wish they did! Sijui 844 system.