Raila Yushchenko (#stolen)

DID YOU KNOW? Ukraine has had this very colorful (supposedly revolutionary) politician called Viktor Yushchenko. He is Raila Odinga’s hero, benchmark & silent mentor. Every move Viktor Yushchenko ever made, Raila Odinga repeats. In 2004/2005 Viktor faked “TCDD poisoning” and used it to get lots of sympathies & political empathy internationally. (Anyone ever heard Raila faking food poisoning dramas? Viktor Yushchenko is the original owner of this script…). Viktor Yushchenko lost the 2004 presidential election in Ukraine, but somehow got the Supreme court to overturn it, thus helping him procure a back-door win against Victor Yanukovych. He remained President until 2010. Viktor Yanukovych made a come back and replaced Yushchenko. Later, in 2014, Viktor Yushchenko made a surprise come-back. He created the script for the now infamous “Maidan Upraising.” He created riots around some nondescript IMF issues, etc. His group planned the shooting and killing of several demonstrators… in his own protests!! Everyone was (falsely) made to believe that it was the Yanukovych’s government that was behind the “Maidan shootings.” That way, Yushchenko again drove Yanukovych not just out of the Presidency but also into living exiled in Russia… to this day! The world is now watching this “Ukranian movie” being replayed (LIVE) in Kenya. And guess what? Just like it was in Ukraine, the Kenyan edition is also an original "…George Soros Production.

But you conveniently forgot that in that time… Ukraine lost Crimea and the Donbass region. its a failed state btw. Do you wish kenya to be a failed state.
Also while at it tell us about Egypt. Thats how I wish we do to those who will create Chaos to this nation.

More jokes courtesy of Tomato Eye.


The world (read Kenya) will not be destroyed by those who do evil, but by those who watch without doing anything. Uhuruto kazi kwenu

A similar script was used in Syria where moderate rebels with support from USA, ISIL and media, gassed civilians and tried to pin it on the Assad regime. Just like in Ukraine Russia had interests there and so things went bad for the revolutionists.
Raila is smart but smart people tend to make the mistake of thinking everybody else is stupid.