Raila wins

Although some dreams are not valid, if by a remote chance Raila, who is already on the ballot wins the repeat election, would he accept the result?

He would revert to respecting the Constitution and say he is happy to be elected .


Hata Yesu alipanda punda:D:D:D

He will be like, “Finaly the election has redeem itself” lol

BEFORE even Chebukati signs form whatever

Hiyo shadow yako ukipiga picha ni ya momo.

:D:D:D:D:D the comments.

Here’s what the other world leaders in doing instead of maandamano…


Uhm…Spray-tanning for the world‘s bully? can’t unsee that

Bora tupate president

Boss, hii ni nini, its looks like a pig that looks like Trump.

The rest of Kenya would accept and move on. There would be no maandamano that’s for sure.


Tena sana

tupate president Bora

Tha fudge?? :mad:



add ‘n’ between the third and fourth character.