Raila will win repeat polls-NORG

According to Atlanta based pollsters Northern observance and research group(NORG) opposition leader Raila Odinga will win Kenya’s repeat elections slated for 17th October.According to Norg Raila is poised to clinch at least 59% of total cast votes while the incumbent president is likely to garner 38% of the votes.Voter turnout will be marginally low as compared to the general elections held in August.The projected turnout is not likely to surpass the 68% mark.
UOTP,tialala,Caanan tibim!

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Turnout of 68% is a big lie… anyway Robin!

Wueh! The Americans (read Onyango) in Atlanta have spoken.


Hata mutahi ngunyi said that on the 5th estate jana on k24


Turnout ya general election za Aug 8th zilikuwa ngapi?

:D:D:D:D:D… 38%?? delusion grandiose.


I can’t believe that till Ombitho and infortrak come with their figures obviously showing babuon will win.
(what else does she do the rest of the time anyway before bringing us her boolshiet figures?)

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Nothing like that on google!


hapo sawa

Opinion polls and court cases are what he wins

Ikifika kwa debe inakuanga a different matter altogether


Does that research group even know where kenya is on the world map?


Shhhhhhhhh, Wacha wajiconsole.


I thought this line of propaganda failed in August.
Keep doing the same thing, the same way, over and over again and expect different results. Wembe ni ule ule.
Ambitho went underground after she was exposed in round 1. If she dares come out again, with figures straight out of Okoa Kenya Centre, she will put the final nail on her coffin.

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I know by 18th October many will remix the song they had started of secession part one.

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Opinion polss will forever be here with us,upende usipende.Sema UOTP!

Ni haki yao.
Funny that only Ambitho has ever said Raila will win.
And she was unable to explain Raila’s 5% jump in just 2 weeks, in her second last poll.

One way ticket to Gatundu

I watched 5th Estate ya Jana na he was very clear UK will win. Hii yako umetoa wapi?



Here is the link. watch where Mutahi talks.


No side shows, tukutane kwa debe

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