Raila will be president 2017 n i on2022 says Karua

Kenyans are tired of being ruled
by criminals and it is time for a
reformer like Raila Odinga rules
the country in 2017.
She said she is ready to be his
running mate in 2017 so that he
can support her Presidential bid
in 2022.
“I am ready to support Raila
Odinga in 2017 so that he can
defeat these two arrogant Jubilee
leaders who seem to be obsessed
with power,” Karua said.
On the issue of the referendum,
Karua who joined the chorus two
months ago said time is ripe for
the country to go for a plebiscite.
She expressed confidence that
the Okoa Kenya Movement will
win the referendum because 95
percent of Kenyans support the
“We will win the referendum
with a landslide,” said Karua.

Karua ameshaa fika expiry date yake.