Raila will be in government, tuambiane ukweli jameni

Raila will be in the next government; by all means! He’s already calling the shots despite of him being out of govt. It’s a ‘bitter pill’ for jubilee minions to swallow, but they’ve got to suck it! It’s only a matter of time, and immense economic losses… Some lives maybe lost too but the tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time by the blood of patriots and tyrants.


all i can see is one tyrant dying…of a heart attack in spite of being heartless…

I see

There is some interesting times ahead, i wil laugh so loud at outp and rwnbp teams, mtajua hamjuangi

yes we sincerely thank those who have been shot and ask more patriots to aim stones at policemen for them to be shot.

Also Santa Claus will be the CS devolution

Raila Odinga will be in his own government. Nusu mkate na Jubilee hakuna. NASA will not dialogue with thieves.

Njeri Mbootiz umejidanganya

Labda akuwe ambassador wa Kenya kule Bondostan.

Maybe nyongo will find him a post in the kisumu county govt

Hauwezi lazimisha punda kunywa maji na ameona sungura akikojolea ndani.

I can assure you it will never happen unless the sun rises from the west tomorrow…he would have gotten a bit of a fighting chance if WSR was out of government…lakini ng’ooo!!

Who could that be? Ruto or macho nyanya?

WSR ni MTU mdogo sana! then real power weilders are behind the scenes.

Baba lazima akuwe ndani ya sirikali

Like the NASA principals are any better…

[B]Wetangula- Tokyo embassy scam.

Kalonzo- Grabbed 2000 acres of NYS land.

Mudavadi- Goldenberg scandal.

Raila- KKV, 2009 maize scandal, controversial acquisition of Kisumu molasses plant.[/B]

hio pesa ya goldenberg mudavadi alipeleka wapi halafu anatombewa bibi na muhindi

You mean like big weight Onyango Oloo

Babuon thought so too. If only he had a time machine