Raila Tosha, Says Atwoli

Atwoli seems to think that he can dictate to Kenyans on who to elect. Money has changed hands. The fossils want to rule until they die in office.

F,vck dynasties

Because kenyans are slaves, Atwoli will choose the next president for them. Puzzles no-one

If it wasn’t for the ongoing pandemic, who knows how mbio mbio these wazees would’ve taken stringed the country along by now with their sinister agendas. Tumebahatika sana… If you ask me

Can’t wait for the day the Atwolis and Murathes of kenya will die.I thought covid will do us a favor ipite na hawa wazee but so far am disappointed

traitor from Western

I will never vote for Raila. And I will definitely never vote for Ruto the thief. I would rather vote for a dog.

I have no beef with Raila, but I think he’s deluded if he still believes he will rule Kenya. When the baton passed from his generation to the next, it was all over. His Prime Ministership was the closest he ever got, and sadly (or not) that chapter is closed for good. And there is no political concoction that will change that.
Or is there? Doubt it.

For Raira to rule, Ruto must not be on the ballot. Its as simple as that

50% + 1 vote. Io 1 vote yako may be ndo inadecide nani atachukua kiti

Our good Lord works in mysterious ways. Were it not for the Coronavirus, the BBI chieth by now would have been forced down our throats, ears, noses and all the unmentionable orifices.