RAILA...the name

This name appears in 95% of all papers in Kenya everyday. This name is heard in 95% of all radio stations in Kenya everyday. This name is seen or heard in 95% of all TV sets in Kenya everyday. May be he’s that great. May be not. May be a name that trends everyday in a country is a great asset in that country. The power of the tongue…the power of words…may be people are making this man; or have already made this man a king without knowing…just by keeping his name everywhere. He may not sit on that seat…may be…but he will be remembered more than anyone who ever sat on it.
Some Heros need no mausoleums…they’re deeply and permanently saved in your motherboards.

Being on every news channel don’t mean sh!t. There was a time Joseph Kony was treading on Twitter, Youtube videos about him were the most popular, he was being discussed on CNN, BBC…Heck, he was more famous than Uganda or Kenyan presidents, and yes, he will be remembered for many years to come.


Raila is in the same category with what Kenya has been fighting since independence: poverty, ignorance and disease.

Same way Osama’s name was on everyones’ lips until he was buried at sea

the is a huge valley between the mountains of being popular and being famous

Moi was also the name on everyone’s lips but I can hardly mention him now

the media followed him to London. that’s where news is

‘there was a time’…raila ni daily

How does a burial at sea happen?
I guess it’s just a nice way of saying they dumped the body in the sea.

Compare Raila, the name, and Satan the name! Which one is more on the airwaves?

I think, just as Satan evil, so is Raila!

Umefanya nicheke:D:D:DYour point being? Are you suggesting Raila is more famous than Kony?

Raila.the mere mention of that name makes a kikuyu lady cream her pants.now imagine seeing him live or on tv.pure orgasm.

How does dabbing a crying eye repeatedly make a woman wet her panties?

Did you mean a luo lady? You are confused my fren.

Nope the daughters of mumbi my fren

U know ladies.very strange creatures.ask your sisters.

In most internet discussions at some point Hitler will be mentioned. Infact there’s a law called Gordon’s Law or rule of Hitler Analogies. Inakaa mashetani ndio hutajwa mara nyingi duniani. Good people are boring just as good news doesn’t sell. Same as good upright movies. You’ll never hear of a blockbuster movie about mother theresa. Wacha raila aondoke uskie: 20th Century Fox presents, Idris Elba as Raila : An African enigma the story of struggle, loss and redemption set in the African jungle.

It is a long story. You have to apply to the Marine and Fisheries Depts hia to get the license. Reason… I will never ever eat fish pulled from the shores hia. Actually fish as a dish with it’s mouth open? nope.

to the larger percentage of Kenyans alive today…Yes