Raila Ruto ticket in the Making

Uhuru wants to front Mudavadi Gideon Moi ticket because he wants to rudisha mkono to Moi family and at the same time he knows Raila is a NO sell in GEMA. So Uhuru is planning to front Mudavadi and Gideon Moi. He is trying to convince GEMA as early as now to abandon Ruto using BBI and embrace Mudavadi and Gideon Moi. He believes that GEMA can easily embrace the candidatature of Mudavadi if sold well more so now its 18 months to the elections. If he manages to do so because some people believe GEMA cannot vote Ruto because of 2007 Post Election Violence and thus can easily embrace Mudavadi Gideon candidature, I am seeing a scenario of Ruto and Raila teaming up again together in 2022. I am not sure how this coalition will be established because Ruto has already served two terms as a deputy president but i see a likelihood of this happening and Raila may end up being the president through this and later rudisha mkono to William Ruto. Watch this space

With the current political situation and the level of stupidity in Kenya, I would say anything is possible.

Nangonjea malipo ya avocado kutoka kakuzi nihamie Botswana. Will be back in 2023

Those two cerelac babies that are used to being spoon fed stand no chance in the rough, tumble & murky Kenyan national politics. Especially Gideon. The guy finds it laborious to mingle with his own constituents, how the hell will he traverse the whole of Kenya looking for votes?

The guy would rather be playing polo with the “boyz”.

Ile mkate raila ametafuta io miaka yake yote hawezi kubali iliwe na mudavadi

Punguza bangi

Kalonzo aketi pande gani

Infact they should do this haraka sana and put the 2 R’s [SIZE=1]for rotten [/SIZE][SIZE=5]in[/SIZE][SIZE=6] one basket. [/SIZE]

Ruto is going for presidency. Nothing less than that. So Ohio analysis yako ni upuss.

Hii analysis yako ni upuus. Arap Machos haweskuwa president Kenya, labda ajaribu Sudan

WSR should know that teaming up with Jakuon will lose him the Cendro votes. He should find another running mate like Kivutha.
1st we are told Kyuks can never vote anyone else…yet here they are right behind WSR…kwani at what point do folk realise that lies do not stick?
Then we are told that Jakuon does not need our votes. Yet everyday I come across posts by people debating the Cendro votes from dawn to dusk. Laughable.
It is now v clear that Uhuru has no plans of leaving office. Even the blind can see. Mans has tasted power and cannot imagine WSR enjoying the same perks. Moreover who told him that he can control the voters this time round? Jeshi haiko area. He blames WSR for pouring stolen money yet all he is issuing are threats and stolen money. The more he barks the more we rally behind WSR.


You homosexuals never tire talking about politics and other men?


Uhuru is also a cerelac baby and he has performed well in three elections

If he teams up with raila he will not need cendro votes

Sasawa. I just hate the contradictions and lies you folk project on this board. Let us not hear about the Cendro votes anymore. I have always said that the rest of Kenya can rally round a leader and vote out the Centro voters. In your case I know Jakuon is your dream thief. The ref waves play on!

I come from a minority tribe we cant even get a deputy president so we will always talk about the ones who win presidency. And you guys talk about other tribes here everyday and you never have anything positive to say

You are lying and you know it, nauseating. So toodles.

Defeat starts in the mind, you already believe that you can’t produce a president, yet if you stopped spewing hate, had good policies, and the gift of garb you could pull an Obama!

Blacks are a minority yet It didn’t stop Obama!

Ongeza volume boss. A three legged stool is in order for you sire.