raila rats

There are always people within a system willing to give information, so long as you don’t blow their cover…that is how Raila Odinga knows the ballots were printed along Mombasa Road…whatever will come out from Raila’s mouth on Wednesday, a day before elections will cause a global warming… He has evidence that will end Ruto’s arrogance…

tutayarishe tanks tuhifadhi some of it for flying baloons?

Thats how I lost a girlfriend for holding on to the ring.
All the best with the joker.

If tomorrow he called a press conference to claim that aliens have infiltrated the iebc, someone will come here with ‘enough evidence’ to back up the tin god. Do your thing though, its a free country…

thought journalists were allowed into the printing firm

If he’s not on the ballot why is he complaining?

Akombe ran away in Dubai while inspecting what?
If the ballot papers were not being printed as ordered that’s the red flag she would have raised.
Yet another of babuon’s usual tired propaganda.

lakini this guy ako na mchezo sana anaonanga kenyans wakiwa wajinga sana ati they were printed here flown to dubai then brought back

he throws that around and quickly forgets it then he goes to kisii and claims Akombe disappeared during her trip to inspect ballot papers printing, tingod has a memory of a parrotfish

On the other hand, he might have had some bad kamongo last night and the constipation is confused on which exit to escape through.

Hii mambo ya hutu tumtu have gotten to where you have to comment sarcastically.

@Meria Mata, this is the babuon bombshell you were asking on your thread that’s he’s poised to drop on the 25th. Jubilee has pre empted him. He’s the one printing fake ballots, same way he presented fake documents/evidence to the Supreme Court.

Parrotfishes are a group of about 95 species traditionally regarded as a family (Scaridae), but now often considered a subfamily (Scarinae) of the wrasses. They are found in relatively shallow tropical and subtropical oceans throughout the world, displaying their largest species richness in the Indo-Pacific.

Chebukati ako Na bahati hakufungwa, so round hii he must redeem himself


uja quote memory capacity yao

Hiyo global warming itakuwa enough kuchemsha dengu nijue kama nitanunua mtungi ingine ya gas ama niwekelee hiyo pesa game ya Man City weekendi.

this is why I like Ktalk.

Hawana, iko negative zero

Hehehe, parrotfish nimeiskia Leo Mwalim