Raila on Safaricom

Curremtly on Babuon season 1 episode 10

Wana nasa to boycott safcom products:D:D:D


Nasa Safaricom! Nasa!!!


The guy has lost it. And his supporters think it’s nothing… haya…

Very childish.TANO TENA.

We as ktalk gallant soldiers had precisely predicted this move. Wajinga ndio waliuwawa, whatever that’s mean

The star it’s the only website in kenya that usually has a lot comments.Its looks like it’s very popular.I remember when mpasho came it was full of comments also but after sometime people stopped commenting.

He is living up to his Wazimu mkuuu title!!!

Is there a legal way Safaricom can stop that Tajirisha jashou mwitu paybill No. from receiving more funds ?

Niko na baba. I am boycotting 991444.

I was looking for the usual Ktalk antagonists in these threads, wamenyamaza tu juu they have also seen the folly in these demands. Si hata alisema waboycot NTV…ng’o! Was it here that someone said that maybe they drained from LOP too much brain fluid during some surgery to relieve brain pressure, no wonder the theatrics.

This mganga has now reached a point where he will demand that “if people from the Mt kenya region are [SIZE=16px]allowed to vote, no elections” [/SIZE]

Be sensitive to the mentally ill please

SAFARICOM sio iebc wajue hivo

Boycotting too situmi pesa kwa paybill ya kalonzo