Now mr odinga is out of the counrty,who knows for how long he will be away??will he be back by 26th ??will he participate in the elections?is he trying to pull a BABA WHILE YOU WERE AWAY?
i feel that this guy will stay in london hadi november and when he will be back only God knows what will happen to this country.
Lawyers IN THE VILLAGE…will there be a constititonal crisis raila will not be in the ballot?will mr kenyatta remain in office?what does the law say?
Oh Jah we need you know

He’s on a reconnaissance tour to Canaan

when will he came back?will he participate in elections?

It’s a while huawei!

He went to the UK to pull the sword from the stone and show he is the one true king.
When he will return depends on how soon he figures out that it was a fable.


I do not think there is a legal requirement for a contestant to be present during an election. So unless he officially withdraws from the race or dies… kura iko pale pale


To be running for President he doesn’t have to be Physically present in Kenya.

huko busia naskia mnataka kuhamia tumbelee.baba amekuwa tooooo much

he doesn’t need to be physically there to participate. the only way he can fail to participate is if he writes to the IEBC formally withdrawing his candidature.

[SIZE=5]noted wakubwa[/SIZE]

ok ok guka…but will he direct his people to vote?

Whether he goes or comes or stays he will never be president…
Whether he imports juju or uses the local ones… He will never be president…
And finally…


but naona akisumbua uhunye sana.

hapo ndio mimi sasa sijui although nilisikia mguna kuguna akisema kwa TeeFee leo asubuhi ati governor wa siaya ameandikia IEBC formally akisema watu wa county yake will not partipate…and if the elections does not happen in one constituency then the whole thing is invalid and we may need to find another 15 billions…we’ll wait to see…

He’s now Arthur without Knights of the round table.

King Arthur already did us that honour, maybe he’s gone to consult with a descendant of Merlin to assist him with some new and much needed wizardry.

:D:D:Ddo be funny on a very very serious matter.
as u said lets wait n see

Knowing Kenyans it will be hard to mobilize a whole county from participating in the elections… Some few peeps will participate… And others won’t… At the end the votes of the two or three people who turn up will count…