Raila Odinga on Citizen Tv


It’s official, this guy has lost his mind… He won’t fill the withdrawal form 24A (though it’s time barred) then saying there will be no election (I thought it’s the law that says that and the courts both SCoK and HC gave the interpretation of the law giving giving direction on the timelines and participation)…Is he the one to say what should happen or not happen in this country. Kuna sheria baba, this is not a jungle.

“Whom the gods would destroy, they first make mad…” - Prometheus

Is he back

Trying to hold the country under sieke.

Where is his family?

At this point, it’s even boring to see him on TV. #sigh

He thinks he owns Kenya , very stupit niggah. Retire in peace.

Hawa watu mazee

mungikis , mbona munaita baba RAT na inamaanisha nini ?

Prometheus? I encountered the quote in cChinua’s Arrow of God before Ezeulu went bonkers. Nimejua leo

His daughter accompanied him to London, courtesy of the Paybill.

Check the poem The Masque of Pandora - Wadsworth, 1875…

my lay interpretation of what welder means by no election is that nobody will physically stop anyone from voting by means like violence/disruption/blocking polling stations etc but the exercise will be akin to “kuosha kuku mguu” yaani an exercise in futility which according to him the courts will likely nullify again …i could be wrong

I pity the typical Nasa supporter, do they still stand by their tin god even at these new depths of desperation. He doesnt want to play, but doesnt want to lose. Good thing is he will be remembered for this shit in history

…or perhaps he means there will be no election because Kenyans will only be confirming what hey did on 8/8/17 hence not really an election

tutarudia tena tu hatutachoka…but it’s time we must put an end to the notion that anyone can bully/blackmail their way to power. power will only be through the ballot.


At what cost ? Conservative figures put the Aug election at 58b the new/fresh/rerun etc at 12b imagine annulling it again!

‘When the rich wage wars it’s the poor who die’ -Linkin Park(Hands held High).

better we lose a trillion than these cycles of violence every five or ten years. we want our country back.