Raila Odinga of Nigeria wins elections.. And kibaki loses.. What next for the ass of Africa?

http://www.aljazeera.com/news/2015/03/opposition-party-declares-victory-nigeria-election-150331135603507.html [ATTACH=full]2824[/ATTACH]




As long as the incumbent has conceded defeat what else?war maybe?He will proceed to fight boko haram and eating from the oil industry.

anything is possible in the asshole of africa

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all well and good sasa tuone kama atafanya development yeyote naijaland…ama atajoin wezi wenzanke

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@Elin wacha kunisekesa late hivi…

200 girls missing and hes here acting like nothing happenned.glad he lost

if this guy behaves the way he did in 1984 to 1985 when he was a military ruler, he will tame boko haram…he is a no nonsense guy

I really don’t care what happens in that damned country, I hate everything Nigerian, from their footballers, actors, musicians and everything they’re associated with.

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Heehehehe. They are too loud and boast a lot. Nowadays wamejaa Umo, Doni and Tena. Sijui walitoka wapi.

goodluck jonathan deserved that defeat, he can join his cousin chinedu in drug dealing.