Raila now turns to Maina Njenga of Mungiki to Popularise BBI

The meeting was held at Karen earlier today. I wonder how his supporters in Nyanza feel remembering how they were butchered by Mungiki, but then Baba can never make a mistake. An akia Pingo Baba is the song they must be singing.


watu ya mwizi ruto
raila na gatheca banae:D

But kikuyus joined with kaleos after 2007 crimes and are now arrors fiercest defenders even more than sudi. Anything is possible.

Raila is spent force.


senile demagogue blundering out of desperation


Desperate times call for desperate moves.

Rail acts very desperate at times.

Thats what they said in 2017. They laughed him off. He’s still kicking hard. As old and senile as he is, he is giving Ruto sleepless nights.


Tomba maina njenga yeye ni Kìpii Kwa mecho yangu. That ghasia used young boys to propel himself. Vijana wengi walinyuria juu ya hii mtoto ya Malaya.

Why are you a faggot.? I pity your mother

It is actually the only way round.

If I gave you Ksh 5 billion cash to shut up forever, would you have a sleepless night ever?

Where will you get even 500k while all you do is yap at strangers about your demigods?

Maina Njenga couldn’t even convince people to elect him in the 2017 elections.

I means Uhuru here. Figure of speech is what they used to call it in 8-4-4 not sure what they teach you guys nowadays. That’s what Uhuru gave Raila.

Depends on what the next regime has in store for the generous giver

You missed his point

Maina njenga saa hii akienda kisumu wajaluo wote will line up to give him a blow job, washasahau aliwatahiri wengi wao 07

hehehe by how many degrees