Raila Never fails to amuse pple find out how..

Former Prime Minister,
Raila Odinga, on
Tuesday shocked
German Investors when
he introduced himself
as the ” legitimate
President Of the
Republic of Kenya”
Addressing a group of
German Investors, who
are interested in
putting their mullah in
Kenya, in the coming
months, Raila, who was
at a conference in
Berlin, said that he won
last year’s poll only to
be rigged out by
President Uhuru
Kenyatta and his
Deputy , William Ruto.
“As you are all aware,
my “Presidency” was
stolen but as you can
see i control more than
half of Kenya, “Raila
said in German
Raila Odinga is in
Germany to solicit funds
for his referendum
On Tuesday, the former
PM, had a dinner
meeting with Secretary
General of the Friedrich
Ebert Foundation,
Dr.Roland Schmidt,
where they discussed a
number of issues
including the possible
funding of his
referendum campaigns.
The “People’s President
as he fondly refers
himself is accompanied
by Mombasa Governor .
Ali Hassan Joho and
Mombasa Senator,
Hassan Omar.

Huyu jamaa bado hubeba ma feelings hadi leo.He can call himself all he wants to.

time to let go baba…uv been holdin on for too long