Raila is taking the Maa region

This is not right. I don’t like.


The next governor of Narok is Ntutu. The fool above, going by the name Ole Kentai, thinks he can become the governor by sidelining and preaching hate against the Kalenjins of Narok. We shall teach him a lesson at the ballot. Without the Kalenjins’ 40% votes, hakuna pahali anaenda.

Narok biggest clan is the Purko. The have always supported Ntutu family as their own in 2013-2017 but lost. This is because Gov Tunai played great chess. He comes from a small clan but he solidify Molo votes in full. Molo votes is 35% of Narok votes and they vote as a block. Then he went on to unite small clans and Narok town votes. 50% plus easily.

So this time DP Uncle Ruto decided to go a step further. He got the Purko clan to join UDA. This time now it’s the majority clan plus Molo in one basket. A very strong linkup. Gov Tunai went for senator. Narok was over even before it started. UDA team is already confirmed winners. ASSimio have very poor candidates. They know this and that’s why they are not even disputing Presidential votes.

Chief Hustler will take all counties of RV from Narok-Kajiado to Turkana-West Pokot by upper 90’s. Hakuna competition.

Utajificha wapi after elections?

Wewe na john pombe mtajificha wapi August 10 tukibeba RUTO BEGA KWA BEGA hadi Ikulu?

Wewe na nani? Will you even be 100 meters near him? Hii delusion ya maskini ni tragic.

Thanks you sir ,educate these fools , lootall will be sorrounded by kina soodi , murkomeno ,mugich gasagwa and all those other high profile hyenas

Dr. Ruto prevails against all odds.

Two-footed, studs-up tackle:D

In Kajiado. Ole Lenku left jp knowing it’s a shell party and joined odm. Former governor joined jp. Sasa the two of them are splitting their own votes to small pieces.

Yaani UDA inajipata bila kazi kubwa Kajiado pia.:smiley:

ASSimio will go in history on how not to campaign.

The ground is heavily leaning towards Ruto