Raila is partially to blame for our refugees

if i remember well,there was a conflict between Ojode and Babu, by then late ojode was the Assistance Minister for Internal Security, i vividly remember the precise Parliament session with Ojode asking Raila to change a previous directive he had issued allowing kenya to open its borders for Somali refugees.

since Babu is a well known dictator, he won...today, a few years later Kenya is fighting a war not sure that it we will win.....we need to close down Daadab camp and that other camp called Kasomething.

at some point,we will have to lock babu in a maximum security jail and throw away keys at the deepest point of the ocean

‚ÄėAssistance Minister‚Äô ‚Ķbut point received

Finally wazimu wa Naivasha imekushika?


:confused::confused::confused: bangi ya naivasha ni kali hivo?

Hii ni kazi ya mapunda.

Raila never finished high school. Such a person is not expected to be objective in national matters. That is why violence is his only way of getting ahead.

afinywe makei

Even the approximately 3,000 Kenyans who have crossed the border to Somalia to join Al Shabaab,who will eventually come back and do whatever the f**k they’ve been taught,is all the work of Rao. Let that mzae be maeeen!

Its Raila overthrew Siad Barre and started civil war in Somalia…

yeah Raila created alshabab


Alqaeda and ISIS too

mungiki too

Raila is to blame for xenophobic attacks in SA too. this man!

Pilau punda at work

Someone just said talkers be objective, this RAO shiet does not qualify to be in that category. For sure you are taking this site to the dogs

Bure kabisa, Get ur head of ur ass and see the real issues affecting kenyans.