Raila fails to respond to MP's case, risks judgment unheard


NASA presidential candidate, who was on Monday ordered to file replies to the suit filed by Pokot South MP David Pkosing, did not comply.
This left the court with no option but to hear arguments without his participation. Justice Chacha Mwita will deliver his decision on October 24.
Last week, Justice Mwita ordered him and his co-principals to respond to the case ahead of Monday hearing.
The ODM leader neither did so nor sent a lawyer to represent him in court. https://www.the-star.co.ke/news/2017/10/16/raila-declines-to-respond-to-pkosing-case-on-repeat-vote_c1653739

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:D:D:D:D This Pokot MP is the same one who demanded for an apology by M7 over the cattle rustling remarks at UhuruRuto first term inauguration ceremony at kasarani.

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Here is a twist, the judge who is supposed to rule on this matter, is the same judge who gave Wanjigi anticipatory bail and blocked his arrest in the firearms case even though the police already had a valid search warrant from the judiciary.

Perhaps Jakuon already knows the outcome of this election case and was arrogant enough not to bother participating in it, the same way James Orengo was so sure he could obtain a court order to override a court obtained search warrant.

Where else in the world does a criminal suspect under investigation run to court to block investigations when the prima facie evidence points to likely culpability? What is also interesting is the same judge also features in these interesting cases. His ruling on the 24th will be one to watch.

[INDENT]Mr Wanjigi has been the local agent for Catic and Shengli, from which he received hundreds of millions of shillings from the various contracts that the firms won in the country. In April this year, High Court Judge Chacha Mwita stopped the KRA from freezing Catic’s assets over Sh3.5 billion in outstanding tax returns. While issuing the order, after an application by Catic, Justice Mwita said a freeze would cripple the firm’s activities and that the demands were unprocedural.

The High Court on Tuesday temporarily lifted the government’s ban on demonstrations in Nairobi, Mombasa and Kisumu Central Business Districts (CBDs), until a case filed by NASA CEO Norman Magaya is determined.Issuing his orders, Justice Chacha Mwita also restrained the police and DPP from arresting Mr. Magaya as Dr. Matiang’i had indicated. https://citizentv.co.ke/news/high-court-lifts-government-ban-on-cbd-demos-178775/

The Presidential Delivery Unit (PDU) has been restrained from publishing any adverts on achievements of GOK pending determination of a case in which a lobby group is seeking information on how much the state spent on the same in the run up to August 8 General Elections. Judge Chacha Mwita issued the directive Monday when the matter lodged by Katiba Institute came up for mention and further directions.

Justice Chacha Mwita ruled that the board should not shut down the organisation, pending hearing and determination of the suit. The judge further suspended a directive of the NGO Board executive director Fazul Mahamed and the Central Bank of Kenya from freezing all bank accounts operated by the lobby. Mwita issued the orders following an application by AfriCOG and its directors, who sued the board, acting Interior CS Fred Matiang’i, the CBK Governor, the DPP and DCI.

On April 7, High Court judges Aggrey Muchelule, Weldon Korir and Enoch Chacha Mwita, declared that the presidential election results at the constituency level as announced by the returning officers are final and should not be subjected to any alterations by the IEBC at the national tallying centre.
http://www.theeastafrican.co.ke/news/Kenya-CJ-fears-disputes-interfere-polls-timetable-/2558-3920066-yh5iqq/index.html [/INDENT]