Raila at CSIS.

President Raila Amolo of the Lake Victoria Basin Kavirondo Nation is in Washington DC (live on ktn news) reporting us to the white man for denying him democracy. He is giving a speech at the CSIS -Center for Strategic International Studies. He has been introduced in glowing terms by former ambassador bellamy as a fearless man who has been denied the presidency twice by power thirsty oligarchs. President Raila is now talking of how Uhuru killed Msando. He also added that America should send more officials to ‘assist’ the American envoy who is Jubilee and therefore confused and undemocratic. Also uhuru denied people the chance to vote and express their rights as Kenyan. He has scared off the judiciary into doing his will. He wants to extend his term to over 10 years. Uhuru is radicalizing Kenyans and leading them to cessation. He has killed babies, mothers and innocent protesters in his thirst for power.

Ukweli mtupu just as RWNEEEBP.

Remember the “assist” America gave Vietnam??

is it true that Jaramogi told Raila that he will never be president?

Dis he address congress as we were told?

He met a single congressman in his office for the perfunctory photo op to be plastered in the front pages of the dailies tommorow.

that wasn’t a congress man, he was an assistant to a congress man!

So it’s like meeting PA wa Sonko and then claim you met the governor of Nairobi?

the person RAT met. He is a staff member of one of the congress men and a director of the subcommittee on Africa.

This is madness. All the things he’s done he’s blamed Uhuru for doing.

Sensational baby looking for another last bullet.

Kuweni wapole. If your balls were endlessly massaged with pliers and your brain needs to be drained often you cannot be expected to think properly. Give rocking chair a break.

Hehehehehe, hao wazungu walimualika ndio wam enjoy tu…they’re laughing behind his back and wondering how a grown up man could sound so stupid!

@FieldMarshal CouchP kujia huyu Nancy Agutu fake news journalist. what sort of cadre did you train as yo retired. doesnt the quality of journalism in kenya embarrass you.


Kweni wapole. Nimecheka yangu yote.


Ruto never addresses RAT as Raila.

Yes. He is the one who coined RWNEBP. Now you know

:D:DGosh, hii kijiji itanimaliza