Raila and Western Kenya Politics

There is no Luhya leadership without Raila.You hate Wamalwa and Lusaka who are serving in government and go for Musalia and Weta who have been wasted by Raila. When your sons Chebukati and Chiloba are being fought by Raila,you join in the chorus but when Maraga is condemned by Jubilee hakukaliki .Seems Late Kijana Wamalwa was right about Joshua Mwitu…Meffi


Ngoja ukutirio na UOTP brigade…:smiley:

Mind your own



We don’t recognize outcasts.


Ata Watchman pale parliament is serving in government…

don’t worry we will unite soon. let the old people die out first

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Wakuje si ni ukweli lord of poverty meffi

we don’t recognize loosers

Jubilee tusaidieni kutoa this yoke

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Unfortunately Luhya elites are tumbocrats, that is where the difference is.