Raila and the Chinese

So according to one Hebert Ojwang’, Raila received a KES 5-million “donation” from the Chinese for his presidential campaigns. I am not sure about the legality of receiving contributions from external sources (we know they all receive funding from “interested parties”), I’m just for the umpteenth time wondering about all the wheeler-dealing that goes on with these “leaders” that we bestowed upon ourselves.

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The Interesting bits:

[INDENT][I]Coalition for Reforms and Democracy (CORD) leader Raila Odinga’s name was dragged into the controversy over a Sh28 billion project to upgrade the Moi Teaching and Referral Hospital ( MTRH).

Hebert Ojwang’, the businessman at the centre of the storm, sensationally alleges in the tape he gave to a parliamentary committee that Raila received campaign money from the project contractor, China Wu Yi, ahead of the 2013 General Election.

The conversation begins where Ojwang’ is informed by a person who appears to be an interpreter for Liu, referred to in the tape as “chairman”, that he is no longer suitable as a facilitator in the deal due to his links with Raila. Liu (speaking in broken English): People from Ruto’s office sent message to our embassy.

Ojwang: People from Ruto’s office?

Liu: I don’t know if they are from Ruto’s office, but they called the (Chinese) embassy and spoke to (the) ambassador. You are not suitable for this project because before you were working for Raila.

Ojwang’: It’s not suitable for me to do business because of Raila? Okay. What do you want us to do then? Don’t bring Raila here! Somebody is interested in handing over this project to someone else… I had taken him (Liu) to Mr Raila’s office. Does it mean Mr Liu cannot do business in Kenya because he helped Raila during his campaign with money?"

At one time, the conversation degenerates into a shouting match where the businessman quips: “Mr Liu cannot shout at me simply because I am in his office. You can’t take advantage of me. I am not desperate, I am a businessman and I am Mr Liu’s partner. I took him there and he gave Raila five million.”[/I][/INDENT]

any wise interested party will fund both sides just to be safe whatever the outcome

You fight for them, insult each other for them but they eat alone.


Ruto is eating anything that comes his way so as to have a similar war chest as uhuru.
A Raila Ruto presidency would be dangerous, hao watakula hata mshahara ya civil service like Sudan
Retrospectively, Kibaki was a good president

watu watatoana masuruuuualiiii! tamaa ni mbaya…

Was this man hoping to pocket 850 million just like that?A hopeless country this is.

haha kibaki was as corrupt as them all, just rank kenyas largest land owners

Mbona hawa watu hawatosheki na hii pesa? If i had just a fraction of the wealth some of these guys have nachukua retiment at 30

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Hehehehe. I am not voting for any of these matapakas in 2017.

Thats your version mujamaa, they were not wrong when they said shillingi ni maua. You can never have enough of it

The dirtiest politician in Kenyan history just can’t help himself. Safi kama socks ya mtu mchafu is what he should say when campaigning

Don’t forget that the DP is also part of that scam. So, all politicians in Kenya are rotten and it is naive to think that they are our saviours.

How come no one is questioning the priorities of such a project in a town/region that already has MTRH?


@Luther hii wangepeleka Isiolo.

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You read my mind mblo. Ama hapo mbele kidogo, Laisamis.:slight_smile:

If all politicians are dirty then the tingod Ojinga has no stool to stand on. He loves to claim he is safi kama pamba. No. He is safi kama socks ya mtu mchafu