Raila And Kalonzo Trolled...

Kalonzo Musyoka tweeted that he and Raila Odinga were made Elders in Tot, Elgeyo Marakwet County yesterday, but what he does not know is that the regalia he was conferred on is meant for women undergoing FGM and Raila Odinga was given a hat made from mongoose skin meant for men past the age of circumcision, the regalia is strictly meant for marked old boys being prepared for the rite of passage and not the usual regalia given to leaders.


See the difference with what William Samoei Ruto is being conferred on.


Marakwet elders be like…



:D:D:D:D:D you sure?

Enyewe hiyo ya kalonzo looks like women attire

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If this is in fact true then those guys need a standing ovation

He he, this is gold! But I doubt this thread will be here for long . There are guys here who get very touchy when babu is mentioned negatively.


Hehehe. Kalonzo should get a standing ovulation.


Kwani Kusema avicci ni ngumu kwako ama equator ndio unaogopa.

I just hope this is not true if it’s someone out there in Rift Valley really hates those two leaders.

He he, it’s a Monday morning and a new week sitaki kuanza na vita na mtu.

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I think he IS having a standing ovulation…

@Wakanyama come hia and see this madness… @Deorro will certainly delete this post and entire thread.

Unataka upewe magnifying glass ndio uone comment yangu hapo juu?


That attire looks like a woman dress and not what you would expect on an elder…


this cant be true


vitisho na panganga pelekea bibi yako.


Nani amekutisha? Kama kuelewa lugha ni shida sema upewe translation.